Flower Parts and Functions Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: SEPAL: The protective thick leaves of the ovary, POLLEN: What Bees and other pollinators carry from flower to flower, PISTIL: The collective name for the female parts of a flower, OVULE: Tiny unfertilized eggs that will become seeds, STIGMA: The sticky end of the female part where the pollen is collected, PETAL: The brightly colored part of a flower, STAMEN: The name given to both male parts of a flower, STYLE: The tube linking the stigma to the style, ANTHER: A male part of the flower that produces and holds pollen, FILAMENT: The name of the part that holds up the ANTHER, NECTAR: The sweet treat that pollinators are rewarded with inside a flower, OVARY: Where the ovules are kept, ready for fertilization