Evolution and Selection Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: MICROEVOLUTION : Change in frequencies of alleles in a population across generations., MACROEVOLUTION : Pattern of evolution at or above the species level., SURVIVORSHIP : Probability of offspring surviving to age of reproduction., FECUNDITY : Number of offspring., RELATEDNESS : Percent of the genome passed to offspring., POPULATION : A group of individuals of a single species that live in the same area at the same time., SELECTION : Non-random mechanisms systematically result in individuals with a particular phenotypes having greater relative fitness than others., NATURAL : A type of selection caused by the environment., SEXUAL : A type of selection caused by competition for mates., ARTIFICIAL : A type of selection in which humans select individuals to mate within other species., ADAPTATION : A heritable feature that has been shaped by natural selection that increases survivorship and/or fecundity., ALTRUISM : A trait (behavior) that tends to decrease the direct fitness of the individual while increasing the fitness of others., INCLUSIVE : A type of fitness that incorporates both direct and indirect fitness., DISRUPTIVE : Mode of selection which favors individuals at both extremes of a trait.