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QUESTIONS LIST: Hydrogen : Most abundant element in the universe, Felsic : High silica lava, Boundaries : Where tectonic plates meet., Mantle : Largest layer of the earth., Lithosphere : Crust and upper mantle., Divergent : Separating boundary, Ring Of Fire : Region of pacific where most volcanoes are found., Caldera : Bowl shaped region of a collapsed volcano., Mafic : Darker thinner lava., Helium : Result of hydrogen fusion, Bluestar : Most massive and hottest stars., Redshift : A galaxy is moving away from earth, Lahar : Pyroclastic mud flow., Viscosity : A liquid's resistance to flow., Respiration : Animals take in oxygen and release co2, Fusion : The process that forms carbon atoms., Photosynthesis : Process where plants remove co2 from the air., Wegener : Fater of plate tectonics., Fixation : Nitrogen broken down by lightning and bacteria., Trenches : Deepest ocean regions near ocean edges., Organic : Contains carbon, Decomposition : Plants and animals decaying., Magma : Lava under the surface.