Earth Science Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: hydrogen : most abundant element in the universe, felsic : high silica lava, boundaries : where tectonic plates meet, mantle : largest layer of the earth, lithosphere : crust and upper mantle, divergent : separating boundary, ring of fire : region of pacific where most volcanoes are found, caldera : bowl shaped region of a collapsed volcano, mafic : darker thinner lava, helium : result of hydrogen fusion, bluestar : most massive and hottest stars, redshift : a galaxy is moving away from earth, lahar : pyroclastic mud flow, viscosity : a liquid's resistance to flow, respiration : animals take in oxygen and release co2, fusion : the process that forms carbon atoms, photosynthesis : process where plants remove co2 from the air, wegener : fater of plate tectonics, fixation : nitrogen broken down by lightning and bacteria, trenches : deepest ocean regions near ocean edges, organic : contains carbon, decomposition : plants and animals decaying, magma : lava under the surface.