Design Principles Crossword Puzzle

Download and print this Design Principles crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.


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QUESTIONS LIST: serif : some fonts, such as times new roman, have small markers (also called feet) on letters. these types of fonts are called _ fonts, printed : fonts such as times new roman are preferable for documents that will be _ , computer : fonts such as arial are preferred for viewing on _ , sans serif : aerial is an example of a _ - _ typeface font, twelve : the minimum size font your text should be for visibility, deficiency : some people have colour vision _ , when some colours are difficult to distinguish, blue : this colour is less likely to be impacted by cvd than red or green, inconsistent : avoid _ fonts when size and typeface change often, hide : images should not _ your text, theme: this can describe the selection of colours in a document, visuals : another word for images, repetition : words appear multiple times on a page, proximity : items close together are in _ to each other, margins : negative space is the space between objects on a page, and the space between objects and the page _ , white : another term for negative space is _ space, alignment : position objects to match on a horizontal or vertical axis, contrast : difference between objects, such as colour or font, hierarchy: style choices to make important objects stand out, plan : before your start, _ out your documents.