Decorating Cakes Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: PIPING GEL: Transparent gel that can be tinted any color for decorating or writing., DECORATING BAGS: The container that hold your decorating tip and decorating icing., ICING COLOR: Concentrated product used for adding color to icing and other foods., DECORATING TIPS: Specially shaped, open-ended metal tips used to form icing decorations,, LEVELING: Removing the rounded top portion of a cake to provide a flat surface for icing and decorating., ROYAL ICING: Smooth, hard-drying icing for decorations that last indefinitely., COUPLER: A grooved insert and retainer ring., MERINGUE POWDER: Product made with pasteurized dried egg whites and cornstarch., TIERED CAKE: A combination of two or more cakes stacked on top of one another., TORTING: Splitting a single cake layer in half horizontally to form two layers., CRUMB COAT: A light coat of frosting on the outside of the cake to lock in all of the crumbs., FILLING: Icing, preserves or pudding between cake layers to hold them together and add more flavor., PIPING: Squeezing icing out of a bag to form decoration., BUTTERCREAM ICING: All-purpose decorating icing made of sugar, shortening and flavoring that is easy to work with., DOWEL RODS: Wooden or plastic supports used to reinforce cake tiers., OUTLINE: Icing that flows out of the tip to follow contours of a shaped cake or to cover pattern design marks.