Continental Drift Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: MILLION : 250 _________ : Alfred Wegener hypothesized that Pangaea began to break apart about how many years ago?, SEAFLOOR SPREADING : The process that creates new sea floor as plates move away from each other at the mid-ocean ridges, FOSSILS : Paleontologists noticed that these were the same on different continents even though the continents were separated by oceans, LITHOSPHERE : A rigid layer made up of the uppermost part of the mantle and the crust., INCREASES : What happens to temperature as you go deeper in the Earth?, CONVECTION : Force in the mantle that causes tectonic plates to move., MAGNETIC : The Earth's ______________ field reverses from time to time., AFRICA : Alfred Wegener noticed that the coast of South America seemed to fit into the coast of this continent, just like a jigsaw puzzle., SUBDUCTION ZONES : Places where the seafloor is forced under continental plates., PLATE TECTONICS : A theory stating that the earth's surface is broken into plates that move., TWO CENTIMETERS : About how far do the plates move each year?, ASTHENO SPHERE : The zone below the lithosphere. It is more 'plastic' than the lithosphere so it is easier to bend and move., ALFRED WEGENER : Scientist who first proposed the theory that the continents drifted., MANTLE : Section of the Earth below the crust., FOSSIL RECORD : Glossopteris and Mesosaurus would be considered this type of Pangaea supportive evidence., MESOSAURUS : A fossil that was found in both South America and Africa; evidence of Continental Drift.