Changes in China Crossword Puzzle

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  • taiping : nanjing becomes the capital of this kingdom by the society of god worshippers in 1853.
  • agrarian : reestablishment of this society attempted to blend chinese culture with european technology.
  • nanjing : treaty of this city was the first of a pact known as the unequal treaties.
  • rebellion : events caused by increasing poverty and discontent of the chinese peasantry.
  • shanghai : one of five ports opened by the british in 1842.
  • boxers : rebels that attempted to rid china of "foreign devils" by rampaging the north.
  • hundred : how long this reform lasted to reinterpret the confucian system.
  • daoguag : 1838 qing emperor that attempted to halt opium throughout china.
  • cohongs : specially licensed chinese firms that operated under the government.
  • cixi : empress dowager who established herself as ruler of the qing dynasty.
  • nemesis : british gunboat that led the fleet up the yangzi river.
  • qichao : leading scholar in attempting to reform china into a modern industrial society.
  • vietnam : in 1885, france incorporated it into its colonial empire.
  • burma : in 1886, great britain detached it from china.
  • industrialization : slower than european development, but generally increased quality of life.
  • xiuguan : village schoolteacher that called for the destruction of the qing dynasty.
  • opium : drug grown in india and shipped to china.
  • confucian : resulting to this form of government to solve social and economic problems.
  • guangzhou : in 1759 emperor qianlong restricted european commercial presence at this waterfront.
  • youwei : scholar that sparked conflict between emperor guangxu and his aunt.
  • korea : in 1895, japan forced china to recognize this country's independence.
  • puyi : two-year old appointed to the imperial throne when the emperor dowager died.
  • taiwan : in 1895, japan ceded this island from china.
  • zexu : leading confucian scholar sent to guangzhou to end chinese imports of opium.
  • qing : chinese dynasty ruling during industrialization.