Bacteria and Viruses Crossword Puzzle

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  • virus : strand of dna or rna surrounded by a layer of protein that can infect and replicate in a host cell
  • flagellum : long whiplike structure on bacteria
  • vaccine : a mixture containing material from one or more deactivated pathogens, such as viruses
  • pasteurization : process of heating food to a temperature that kills most harmful bacteria
  • fission : cell division that forms two genetically identical cells
  • antibody : a protein that can attach to a pathogen and make it useless
  • endospore : forms when a bacterium builds a thick internal wall around its chromosome and part of the cytoplasm
  • antibiotics : medicines that stop the growth and reproduction of bacteria
  • conjugation : two bacteria of the same species attach to each other and combine their genetic material.
  • bioremediation : the use of organisms, such as bacteria, to clean up environmental pollution
  • decomposition : the breaking down of dead organisms and organic waste
  • nitrogen fixation : is the conversion of atmospheric nitrogen into nitrogen compounds that are usable by living things
  • bacterium : microscopic prokaryote
  • pathogens : agents that cause disease