Arrangement of Stars Crossword Puzzle

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  • constellations: a group of stars that forms a particular shape in the sky
  • ursa major : is one of the famous constellations called "big bear", it also can be seen all year for those at the northern latitude
  • asterism : newly discovered star patterns that have not yet been classified as a constellation
  • cassiopeia : is a constellation that is renowned as the vain and boastful wife of king cepeus of euthopia, who lies next to her in the sky. they are also the only couple among the constellations that are married.
  • draco : derived from the latin word draconem meaning huge serpent
  • hercules : the greatest greek heroes, known for his 12 labors
  • orion : on the celestial equator, it is one of the well-known constellations called "the hunter."
  • polaris : commonly known as the north star, it is located at the tip of the ursa major's little dipper