Animals and Birds Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: mouse: traps for these animals are very popular, hawk: looks like an eagle from a good distance, dove: sometimes people make this bird as a pet, pigeon: most people shoo this bird away but they don't when a white one has come, dog: _ sometimes tries to chase away cows, bull: looks like a cow but is more powerful than cows, dragon: it is an large imaginary bird which can burn almost anything, parrot: it's voice is very loud, but most of you would be glad to meet it, crow: this bird eats chapattis and dips it in water to make it soft, crane: these are migratory birds, giraffe: this animal has a long neck, hippopotamus: you call them in a short form and that short form removes half of its letters, eagle: you most commonly see this big bird in parks, sheep: this gives wool, elephant: this animal is too large but i'd love to meet it, yeti: _ is the most mysterious animal, leopards: snow _ are in the great himalayan national park, dinosaur: these lived millions of years ago, cow: this animal has horns but almost never uses them.