Tissues Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: mucus: type of membrane that lines surfaces that open to the outside, parietal: type of membrane that lines body cavities, neuron: type of nervous tissue cell that conducts nerve impulses, endocrine: gland that secretes its product directly into the bloodstream, epithelial: tissue that lacks blood vessels and depends on connective tissue for nutrients, exocrine: gland that secretes its product into ducts, visceral: membrane that covers organs, skeletal: the only voluntary muscle tissue, smooth: the type of muscle tissue that controls the diameter of blood vessels, connective: the most widespread and varied of all tissues, extracellular: the _ matrix is the key component of connective tissue, tissue: a group of cells that perform a common function, cartilage: the fetal skeleton is composed primarily of this tissue, blood: this connective tissue has a liquid matrix, collagen: mineral salt crystals and _ fibers give bones their hardness