The Great Wall of China Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: EQUATOR : All together it is about 13,000 mi. in length - almost 1/2 the length of the earth's ______, KOREAN : The GW extends to the border of north ______, BONES : Contrary to popular belief this was not added to the mortar to make it white., BRICK : This kind of construction material was first used in the 14th century., MOON : In spite of what you may have heard, you cannot see the GW from this., FIFTY : More than this many million tour the GW each year., MI : Americans convert km to this, MONGOLS : The Ming Walls were built to keep out these northern invaders., DANGEROUS : The Jiankou section is considered this, but people love to photograph there., WHEELBARROW : We use these in the garden but they helped to build the GW., RAMMED : The very first walls were built of this kind of earth construction., SUNRISE : When it was being used, guards on the east end would see this 1 hour 20 minutes before guards on the west., STICKY RICE : 2 words - This was added to mortar to strengthen it., FOUR : This many billion bricks may have been used to build the GW., THREE : It is this many times longer than traditionally believed., GOBI : The western end is deep in this desert., BADALING : Most well-known and popular portion of the GW, near Beijing., MING : What we think of today as the GW was built during this dynasty., QIN : The first emperor of unified China; he also commissioned the terracotta warriors., WATCH : This kind of tower used a signal system to warn of impending attack