The Great Gatsby Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: YELLOW : What is the color of Gatsbys' car?, JAY : What is Gatsby's first name?, MODEST : What kind of lifestyle does Nick live?, MRMCKEE : ____ was a photographer, COLLEGE : Where does Nick know Tom from?, DAISY : Who did Nick visit in the West end?, ENTREPRENEUR : What was Jay Gatsby known as?, CHEAT : What did Jordan do to win her first tournament?, WEEKLY : How often does Jay have parties?, CATHERINE : Who was a slender?, GEORGE WILSON : What is the name of the garage car shop?, SUMMER : What season does this take place in?, TOM : Who is Daisys husband?, INVITATION : What did Gatsby give to Nick?, COUSINS : What is Daisy and Nicks relationship?, DIED : What happened to Cody?, EASTEGG : Where does daisy live?, ATTENTION : What did Gatsby want to get by having parties?, FITZGERALD : Who is the author of The Great Gatsby?, CAR : What kind of accident occurred ?, MIDWEST : Where did Nick use to live?, NOSE : What body part did Myrtle brake?, SEVENTEEN : What age did Gatsby change his name?, PRIVILEDGED : How do the Buchanan's live?