Slip, Trip, and Fall Safety Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: resistant: slip- _ boots should be worn at all times, clear: stairways should always be kept _ , care: take _ , think before you do, three: _ points of contact should be used whenever mounting or dismounting a truck or pit, step: never _ on pallets at the risk of falling through, slippery: _ surfaces should be cleaned immediately, report: i should _ all falls even if i am not hurt, ice melt: throw down _ _ whenever snow or ice are present on walkways outside. (two words), responsibility: take personal _ for your role in preventing accidents, spill: if you see a _ you should clean it up immediately because the next person may not see it and could slip, penguin: walk like this animal whenever the ground is slick from snow or ice, slow: take it _ in adverse weather to help maintain better balance, awareness: situational _ is a key practice when it comes to preventing slip, trip, and fall injuries, walkways: never place obstructions in _ , handrail: always hold the _ when walking up or down rolling stairs or stairways, housekeeping: _ is the best practice to maintain a clean environment and prevent injuries.