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  • igneous rocks : formed by the cooling of magma.
  • metamorphic rocks : undergo drastic changes due to heat and pressure.
  • crust : thin layer of rock that makes up the outermost solid shell of our planet.
  • omnivores : consume both animals and plants.
  • herbivores : plant eaters.
  • ecosystem : a community of living organisms (biotic) interacting with their environment (abiotic).
  • biosphere : the part of earth where life exists, including land, water, and air.
  • abiotic : non-living factors in an ecosystem, such as temperature, sunlight, and soil.
  • carnivores : meat eaters.
  • biotic : living organisms in an ecosystem, including plants, animals, and microorganisms.
  • organisms : living things, such as plants, animals, and bacteria.
  • photosynthesis : the process by which plants convert sunlight into energy (glucose) using chlorophyll.
  • cellular respiration : the process by which cells release energy from glucose.
  • ecological pyramid : a graphical representation of energy flow in an ecosystem.
  • scavengers : animals that feed on dead organisms.
  • decomposers : microorganisms (such as bacteria and fungi) that break down organic matter.
  • micro organisms : tiny living organisms, including bacteria, viruses, and fungi.
  • predators : they hunt, catch, kill, and eat other animals.
  • consumers : these organisms must obtain nutrients by eating other organisms.