Plant Anatomy Crossword Puzzle

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  • flower : the reproductive part of the plant
  • chloroplast : part of the cell where sunlight is used to make sugars for the plant
  • style : tube like structure that supports the stigma and carries the pollen to the ovary.
  • anther : the part of the flower where the pollen is found
  • roots : anchors the plant in the ground
  • sepal : small leaf like parts that enclose the bud of flower
  • petal : colorful part of the flower that attracts bees and other insects.
  • vacuole : the part of the cell where the water is stored
  • phloem : carries food up and down the plant
  • stamen : male part of the flower
  • cell wall : part of the cell that provides structure and protection
  • leaves : part of the plant where photosynthesis takes place
  • fruit : this part of the plant encloses the seed for protection
  • pistil : the female part of the plant
  • xylem : transports water up the stem