Pharmacology Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: synthroid : a synthetic hormone used to treat hypothyroidism, atrial : _ fibrillation - a heart condition, warfarin : one of the oldest blood-thinners, decongestant : narrows blood vessels and reduces swelling, benadryl : a name brand for diphenhydramine, digoxin : a drug used tp treat various heart conditions, lungs : inhaled corticosteroids deliver medication directly to this organ, insulin : a hormone deficient in most diabetics, cephalosporin : a group of antibiotics related to penicillin, acyclovir : the oldest antiviral medicine for herpes, sleepiness : a side effect of benadryl, anticoagulant : prevents blood clots from getting bigger, nsaids : eases pain, lowers fever, and decreases inflammation, reyes : _ syndrome causes swelling in the liver and brain, heparin : a drug used to prevent blood clots in the veins, arteries, or lungs, artery : statins may reverse coronary _ disease, opoid : a type of drug frequently overdosed on, ephinephrine : an injection used to relax muscles in the airways and tighten blood vessels, penicillin : a group of antibiotics produced naturally by certain blue molds, narcan : this drug is used for an opiate overdose, dopamine : controls the brain's reward and pleasure centers, withdrawal : stopping antidepressant treatment may cause _ symptoms, hypertension : diuretics are often used to treat this condition.