Past Simple | Regular and Irregular verbs Crossword Puzzle

Download and print this Past Simple | Regular and Irregular verbs crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.


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QUESTIONS LIST: tried : he (try) _ to escape, found : i _ (find) my true love when i was 50, arrived : we _ (arrive) home very late, made : i _ (make) a lot of mistakes during the match, saw : i _ (see) peter at the theater last week, played : we _ (play) poker after dinner, hated : when i was a child, i _ (hate) fish, forgot : i _ (forget) to tell you something important, spoke : after the meeting, i _ (speak) with my boss, robbed : after escaping from prison, he _ (rob) a bank, ate : somebody _ (eat) my biscuits without telling me, wore : we never _ (wear) uniforms in school, enjoyed : we really _ (enjoy) the concert, studied : i _ (study) all night yesterday, ran : she _ (run) her first marathon when she was 18, visited : we _ (visit) the louvre while we were in paris, drove : yesterday i _ (drive) to work, stopped : i _ (stop) smoking when i was 30, started : he _ (start) playing chess at the age of 7, bought : we _ (buy) this sofa in the shop at the end of the street.