Mesopotamia Crossword Puzzle

Download and print this Mesopotamia crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.


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QUESTIONS LIST: god : monotheists believe in one of these, writing : cuneiform was the world's first system of _ , laws : hammurabi wrote the first system of _ , needed : "surplus" means more than what is _ , code of law : these are written sets of laws (3 words):, polytheistic : means belief in more than one god, sumer : the world's first known civilization was called _ , civilization : people who live together and share a unique geography, religion, accomplishments, politics, economy, and social structure), rain : a drought results from little to no _ , ruler : an empire is made up of different groups of people who share the same _ , urban : refers to something in the city, water : the process known as "irrigation" is meant to bring _ to crops, tigris : one of the two rivers that flowed through the fertile crescent, governing : a city-state is self- _ (meaning it has its own government), middle east : the fertile crescent is located in which part of the world? (2 words), emperor : sargon was the world's first _ , rivers : "mesopotamia" means "land between two _ .", rural : refers to something in the countryside, farming : silt makes land good for _ , humans : canals are waterways built by these: _ (plural), scribe : a person who was taught to write was called a: _