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  • satin : what weave is very weak
  • plain weave : the simplest weave in which the weft crosswise yarns in the passed over the under each wrap.
  • pile : is made on a loom
  • basket weave : example of plain weave
  • fibers : are held together by a combination of most heat, chemicals and pressure.
  • rib knits : have vertical"ribs" used for neck wrist and bottom bands of sweatshirts.
  • wales : yarns that run in the lengthwise direction, like a warp yarn in woven fabrics
  • double knits : two yarns and two needles are used resulting in heaver, sturdier knits.
  • weft yarns : yarns that run a crosswise in woven fabric
  • wrap yarns : yarns that run length wise in woven fabric
  • satin weave : a very weak weave that produce a smooth shiny surfaced fabric restricting from passing the weft yarn over and under numerous wrap yarns to create long fabric.
  • twill weave : a very strong weave in which the weft yarn is passed over and under one, two or tree warp yarns
  • jersey knits : most common types,curt at edges sweaters, and tights
  • grain : the direction of the lengthwise and crosswise yarns in a woven fabric
  • bias : the diagonal grain of fabric the bias provides the greatest stretch in the fabric.
  • seamless knits : knitting involves the production of a whole garment in one piece on a knitting machines so that little or no sewing is required
  • weaving : the process of interlacing one or more sets of yarns at right angles on a loom