Current / Electricity Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: Resistance : Measured in ohms, Dry Cell : Different metals placed in a paste electrolyte, Source : A part of an electric circuit which provides energy, Wet Cell : Different metals placed in a liquid electrolyte, Circuit : Electricity flowing in a controlled path, Conductor : Provides a path for electrons, Battery : 2 or more cells joined together, Series : Cells connected positive to negative, Amperes : Unit used to measure the number of electrons traveling through a circuit per second, Fuse : A protection device which melts to open a circuit and prevent damage, Parallel : Cells connected positive to positive and negative to negative, Voltage : The amount of 'energy' the electrons have in a circuit, Current : The flow of electrons from one atom to another, Ohms Law : The voltage drop between two points is directly related to the electric current through a conductor, Control : Stops, starts, increases or decreases current in a circuit, Load : Converts electrical energy to another form