Changes of State - Matter Crossword Puzzle

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PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.


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QUESTIONS LIST: gas : the particles in a _ are far apart and move quickly to spread out in the space, vibrate : the particles in a solid are very close together and _ , condensation : when the particles in a gas cool, they become joined together again. these particles can still move which means it is a liquid. the process from a gas to a liquid is called _ , particles : in a liquid, the _ are quite close together but move over and around, each other. : each other, condenses : when a gas cools, it _ and changes into a liquid, boils : water _ at one hundred degrees celsius, melted : when a solid changes to a liquid, it has _ , melting : when heat is given to a solid, the particles vibrate more and their bonds start to break. this means that it _ and becomes a liquid, freezing : when a liquid's particles cool and move less. they stick in a fixed position and become a solid again. this process is called _ , they are in. : they are in, expands : when a heat is given to a substance, the particles move more quickly and push past each other. this means the substance it is in, _ .