Atom and Chemical Bonding Crossword

Download and print this Atom and Chemical Bonding crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.


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QUESTIONS LIST: Molecule : A neutral group of atoms joined together by a covalent bond., Proton : Positively charged particle in the nucleus, Seventy Four : The number of neutrons in iodine., Fifty : The amount of neutrons in strontium, Atom : The smallest form of matter., Electron : Particles found orbiting the nucleus., Non Metals : Elements that tend to form covalent bonds, Mass Number : Total number of protons and neutrons, Sulpher : An element with 16 protons, Atomic Number : The number representing the number of protons and electrons., Valence : The electrons on the outermost energy level of an atom furthest from the nucleus., Ionic : Bond formed between a metal and a nonmetal, Copper : An element with twenty nine electrons, Energy Levels : Locations around the nucleus where electrons are found., Compound : A substance that contains 2 or more elements chemically compound., Neutron : A uncharged particle in an atom., Isotope : Atoms of an element with the same number of protons but different mass numbers.