7th Grade English Terminology Crossword Puzzle

Download and print this 7th Grade English Terminology crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.


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QUESTIONS LIST: conjunction : a pos that links clauses together, colloquial : a style of word choice that indicates a person is from a specific place, syntax : the structure of a sentence, action : the 4th part of steal, complex : a sentence containing at least one dependent clause, foreboding : a tone that shows something bad may happen in the future, connotation : the deeper meaning of a word, gustatory : describing taste, narrator : the person who tells a story, verbal : not dramatic or situational, comical : a tone that is intended to be funny, macabre : a horrifying or bloody tone, often associated with death, symbolism : a thing, person, place, etc that represents an idea, eerie : a spooky or creepy tone to a piece of writing, archaic : thy, thee, thou, etc, transition : a type of sentence that can link the ideas between two paragraphs, slang : brr! you are big smart, emphatic : a pronoun that can be removed and the sentence will still make sense, theme : a central idea of a story or poem, context : the current situation, ideas or beliefs held by an author, and how they make affect the story, foreshadowing : a clue that something will happen later in the story, foil : a character whose role in the story is to make another character look better, genre : romance, sci-fi, horror, etc, passive : when i'm more interested in the object than the subject, i might use this sentence, evidence : the 2nd e of peel