Statistics Introduction Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: descriptive : type of statistic that occurs when data is restricted to organizing, summarizing, and displaying, brown : your math teacher's last name, sample : subset of a population, inferential : type of statistic that occurs when sample data is used to draw conclusions about a population, statistics : math that collects, organize, analyze, and interpret data, interval : zero does not imply none, nominal : measurement where no mathematical computations can be made, parameter : a number that describes a population characteristics, population : the collection of all outcomes, responses, measurements, or counts that are of interest, nominal : a measurement that uses names, labels, or qualities ...qualitative data only, statistic : a number that describes a sample characteristic, ordinal : measurement that uses qualitative or quantitative data and the differences in data are not meaningful, data : facts and figures collected for research, interval : measurement that uses quantitative data only and differences in data entries are meaningful, ratio : measurement where two data entries can form a fraction and 0 implies none, qualitative : a description of information that involves label, names, and non-numeric values, quantitative : a description of information that involves numeric values