Separation Methods Crossword Puzzle

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  • mixture : combination of two substances
  • adhesion: anti-pollution masks are based on this separation method
  • solubility: ability of a substance to dissolve in a liquid
  • vacation : time off that you can spend either at home or somewhere else, doing all kinds of fun stuff
  • filtration: separation method that is based on the difference in particle size
  • solution: clear mixture of a solid, liquid or gas in a liquid
  • spring: season in which plants and trees start to bloom
  • emulsion: mixture of two or more liquids that don’t blend
  • suspension: turbid mixture of a solid in a liquid
  • vapor: you collect this during distillation
  • retention: this is what the r stands for in rf-value
  • distillation: if you want to increase alcohol percentage in a beverage, you should use this separation method
  • residue : what is left over after filtration or distillation
  • property: characteristic of a substance
  • extraction : method that you would use to separate sand and salt
  • evaporation: this is used to separate a solid from a solution
  • solvent : liquid that something solid can dissolve in
  • filtrate : liquid that is left after filtration
  • density : mass per unit volume
  • centrifuge: device in which you can rotate a mixture at very high speed, in order to speed up the process of sedimentation
  • chromatography: method that you would use to identify different substances in a gas