Pathophysiology Terminology Crossword Puzzle

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  • communicable : capable of being transmitted from one person to another
  • incidence : the number of new cases of a disease in a specific population
  • idiopathic : denoting a disease of unknown cause
  • acute : rapid onset, severe and short course
  • exacerbation : aggravation of symptoms
  • syndrome : the collection of signs and symptoms associated with a disease
  • etiology : the science and study of the causes of disease
  • iatrogenic : disease caused by an intervention
  • insidious : gradually progresses
  • latent : hidden, not active
  • endemic : present among a group of people or a region of the world
  • epidemic : the occurrence of cases of an illness in excess of normal expectancy
  • morbidity : a diseased state
  • systemic : relating to a system
  • prognosis : a forecast of the probable course or outcome of the disease
  • carrier : a person who harbors an infectious agent, has no symptoms but can infect others
  • mortality : a fatal outcome
  • pathogenesis : the mechanism resulting in the development of a disease
  • predisposing : a tendency or susceptibility to disease
  • chronic : long lasting
  • disease : a disorder of body functions, systems or organs
  • diagnosis : the determination of the nature of a disease
  • remission : a lessening of symptoms
  • epidemiology : the study of the distribution and determinants of health related events in populations