Mutations and Gene Expression Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: Oncogne : A mutated gene that stimulates uncontrollable cell division, Promoter : A region of DNA where RNA polymerase binds, Epigenetics : How cells control gene activity without changing the DNA sequence, Repressors : Transcription factors that decrease levels of transcription, Acetylation : When acetyl groups are bound to histones, Pluripotent : Stem cells that can become almost any type of specialised cell, Mutation : Heritable changes in the base sequence of DNA, Totipotent : Stem cells that can become any kind of cell including placenta, Mutagenic : Describes something that increases the rate of mutations in DNA, Tumour Suppressor : A gene that codes for proteins which regulate the cell cycle, Activators : Transcription factors that promote transcription, Methylation : When methyl groups are bound to CpG islands