6th Grade Science Crossword Puzzle

Download and print this 6th Grade Science crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.


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QUESTIONS LIST: elements : substances that can't be broken down, photons : tiny packets of electromagnetic radiation or energy, compounds : two or substances that have combined together chemically to form a new substance, lift : a force that causes a bird to rise in the air against each other, alchemy : ancient art of experimenting with metals, heat : energy moving from one area to another, friction : a force that keeps two objects from rubbing smoothly, chemical bond : the force that holds atoms together in order to form molecules, potential energy : stored energy that is created by the force of gravity or liquid flows through it, semiconductors : solid elements that aren't great conductors, turbine : a rotating engine that works when gases, base : a bitter substance that has a ph of greater than 7, atomic : of or related to the subject of atoms, kinetic energy : energy in motion, neutral : neither an acid nor a base, current : a stream of electrical charges, analysis : study of something by breaking it down into smaller parts, efficient : done without wasted effort or expense, oscillation : one complete swing back and forth, inertia : an object's resistance to change in motion, acid : a sour substance that has a ph of less than 7, drag : a force that works against an object in motion, mixtures : combinations of two or more substances, thrust : a force that pushed an object forward into the air